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FSVS3000/58A(With Self-vacuum recycling)
Product parameters

FSV-S3000/58A is a self-rotary  and self-vacuum recycling Surface Cleaner, does not require hydraulic, electrical, or pneumatic power to operate, which  perform a wide range of functions such as : removing paint markings, coatings, contaminations, and membranes and degreasing surfaces.

■The rotating spray arms driven by recoil force, no additional resources needed to power rotation.
Pressure control via a dump gun.
Adjustable rotation speed ideal for heavier deposits and lighter deposits.
Waste water and material from work area are recovered via the vacuum force generated  when HP water is sprayed in a pipe at high speed.
Protective nozzle guards help keep nozzles protected from splashback

Technical Specification:

Max. Operating pressure

3000 bar

Max. Flow rate

58 l/min


1500 rpm

Number of sapphire nozzle

ten or custom-made

Blasting width

268 mm or custom-made (the Max. blasting width won’t exceed 500mm)

Connection thread

1-1/8-12 UNF Female with 60-degree cone angle

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